​Expand Your IT Services with the Cloud

As your business grows so will your IT needs. Larger companies will require larger, more expensive computer systems. This creates a huge problem for many small businesses who don’t have the working capital which is necessary to expand their IT services as needed. Having enough working capital is not the only challenge. Businesses also have to dedicate man hours, energy and management to the entire process which is yet another common hurdle that is slows down the small business world. There is an easy solution to these problems and it involves our Cloud Hosting Services whether you are in the greater Houston area or beyond.

What is Cloud Computing

Houston IT Management Cloud Computing Diagram

With cloud computing, businesses no longer have the need to invest thousands of dollars into a huge data center that requires an entire IT crew to manage. With cloud computing, things work very differently. The data center already exists, but all of its resources are shared among a group of businesses. Resources are only being used as needed. This gives small businesses a chance to scale up one day and scale down another. Simply put Cloud Computing is accessing your data any time and from anywhere with the peace of mind knowing that it is always available and at a very affordable cost.

​Safeguard and Defend Your Cloud Computing

Cloud security architecture is effective only if the correct defensive implementations are in place. An efficient cloud security architecture should recognize the issues that will arise with security management. The security management addresses these issues with security controls. These controls are put in place to safeguard any weaknesses in the system and reduce the effects of a potential attack. Our security controls will ensure business continuity through best practice disaster recovery tools and threat protection monitoring.

Financial Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing presents a hidden financial benefit that small businesses are eager to take full advantage of. By moving all IT assets to the cloud, there is no need for extra server space around the office. Larger computer systems require extra space. In some cases an entire climate controlled room is being dedicated to the IT department. Factoring in the extra costs of space and climate control can make for a huge expense that has a negative impact on businesses of all sizes. The largest benefit to small and medium sized businesses is the cost involved. Businesses are only required to pay for what they need when they need it. There is no huge upfront investment. Smaller sized businesses can in turn use their working capital to help them prosper and grow.